Meet The Staff

Vince Ardito

Certified Trainer and General Manager

At Faith Gym, Vince believes all members are part of the family and he ensures the daily operation of the gym.  Using his extensive knowledge of exercise science and nutrition, Vince is always on hand to offer advice on fitness and diet regimes.

Noah Meyers

Fitness Consultant

Noah is a martial arts enthusiast and enjoys bodybuilding at the gym.  When he's not at the gym, he is an independant learner and enjoys studying marketing. 

Kaine Boudreau

Fitness Consultant

Kaine recently graduated from KSU with a Bachelor's Degree in exercise science.  He is currently studying to obtain C.S.C.S. to become a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach.  He is a competitive powerlifter and holds state records for his weight class.

Nick Becker

Fitness Consultant

Nick is a student at the University of Akron and is studying accounting. Nick has also competed in the NPC Bodybuilding contest .  In his free time, Nick enjoys reading and, of course, lifting.

Jordan Groff

Fitness Consultant

Jordan has been a member of Faith Gym since it opened and has been an employee for the last two years.  Jordan is a sophomore at Akron U and is studying education.

Justin Turner


Justin's vision for Faith Gym is to provide a Christian based fitness facility where all members are welcomed with friendly and knowledgable staff and a large selection of state-of-the art equipment.  Faith Gym features a multitude of services designed to enhance a member's fitness regime.