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Faith Gym

Faith Gym


Bryan Carpenter

My whole life I dreamed of serving my country, so when I was finally accepted, after months of being disqualified for a medical condition. I was overcome with emotions. Fast forward to June 6, 2006 my life took a turn, I was injured in battle by a roadside bomb. During my emergency tracheotomy, a mistake was made. My carotid artery was nicked, and I was in a fight for my life. Almost 3 weeks later, I woke up. I had brain damage and brain injury from the blast and blood loss with lack of oxygen for an extended amount of time.  shrapnel in my chin, a shattered back, pelvis, ankle and sternum, a lacerated kidney and liver, and no control of my left foot because of nerve damage on top of half of my leg muscles being atrophied. All of these physical injuries don’t compare to the mental battle I face every day, I struggle with PTSD from that day.

I woke up being told I would never walk again. But there was no way that is how my story was going to end. I grinded through rehab proving people wrong left and right. Being able to just walk wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to take control of my life. Since that day, I have become a bodybuilder using the facility at Faith Gym changed my outlook on everything. I had a reason to get out of bed in the morning, I made friends with the people at the gym. The camaraderie from all members and staff made it so welcoming and fun which makes me want to keep going back. I didn’t stop there I used my new found body and confidence and have become a personal trainer, a mma trainer, bouncer, and bodyguard. In 2012 I threw out the ceremonial opening pitch for the Cleveland Indians, went to the fire academy, published a book (never ending battle after iraq) and have become a motivational speaker.

Faith gym was monumental in my recovery and everything else that I have been able to accomplish since that tragic day in 2006. This gym provides countless examples of your body being able to handle way more than your mind thinks it could handle. Faith Gym in my mind is God among all gyms, its in an old church and I have never seen any gym that could compare to this gym. I went from 120 pounds, being told I would never walk again. Now I am 225 pounds and can do anything I set my mind to.